7 Body Odours that Reveal Your Health

To be honest nobody likes body odour. Some body odours can be unpleasant for others. An individual with an uncomfortable scent might not feel as confident. Sweat is often associated with odour. Odour is caused by the rapid multiplication of bacteria in the presence of sweat. The breaking down of the sweat into acids eventually causes the unpleasant smell. There are remedies for body odour including good personal hygiene. However body odor can can be a sign of health problems. Below are some potential causes of body odour.

1. Faecal smell

A body odour that smells like faecal matter might be caused by bowel obstruction. This happens when there is a blockage in the large or small intestine. This not only causes odour to smell but also bad breath as well. If these symptoms rise it’s important to seek medical attention

2. Bitter smell

A bitter smell indicates liver problems. A damaged liver produces certain odours, affecting how the body smells.

3. Fishy smell

A fishy odour may indicate a disorder called Fish Odor Syndrome or Trimethylaminuria. This disorder is caused by excessive excretion of trimethylaminuria (TMA). The body odour smells like rotting fish in the urine, sweat, and breath. Unfortunately, it is a genetic disease, and symptoms make themselves felt from birth. A fishy smell can also occur as a result of excessive proteins in the diet or from the presence of specific bacteria.

4. Sweet smell

Smelling sweet might not be a good thing if you didn’t his spray deodorant. If your body has a sweet or fruity smell this could be an indication of diabetes. This smell is due to high levels of ketones in your bloodstream. It may also be a symptom of Maple syrup urine disease. This is a metabolic disorder which causes an inability for the body to break down the amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine.

5. Rotten egg smell

This specific odor is caused by the high content of sulfur-containing amino acids in red meat. If you may eat too much meat your body will release a repulsive sulfuric odor like rotting eggs.

6. Alcohol smell

If your body releases a fermented, alcohol smell, maybe you have had too much to drink. The body recognizes alcohol as a toxin and tries to break it down into acetic acid. 90% of alcohol is metabolised this way, and the rest is excreted. Some of it comes out with urine, but it is also excreted by sweat.

7. Sweaty smell

If you have a sweat odour and sweat a lot you might have hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis excessive sweating. It is common that heat and stress cause hyperhidrosis. However there are cases where this can be a symptom of neurologic, endocrine, or infectious diseases.

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