Zim Govt Seeking New Drivers License Issuer

Government is considering stopping the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) from issuing drivers’ licences. This decision has come after the realisation of corruption.

According to Transport and Infrastructure Development minister Joram Gumbo, “My ministry will not hesitate to descend heavily on culprits implicated in soliciting for bribes and giving bribes in order to obtain a licences to drive a motor vehicle in Zimbabwe. Such corruption must be condemned in the strongest of terms. The problem is at VID and I am against what is happening there. We need to come up with a new department that issues out driver’s licences, there is need for competition and this will bring order at VID, that way we can win.”

The intention is to create a separate department to issue drivers licence.

Statistics state about 94% of road accidents in the country are a result of human error. In 2017, the country recorded a 10% increase in road accident deaths.

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