8 Health Problems that Your Walk Could Reveal

Walk the walk and show how healthy you are. Every step involves our nervous system and skeletal system. There are theories that claim that one’s walk can reveal a lot of things about a person. There are things tha our walk could reveal about our health problems. Find out the 8 Health Problems that Your Walk Could Reveal.

1. Short steps

When one has short steps it could be a problem with the knees or hips. Our knees are meant to straighten when we walk.

2. Limping

If you have an unsteady walk you could have injured your leg. Another reason for limping could be arthritis. It’s important to go and have your leg examined by the doctor.

3. Stiffness in hands

If the hand is unable to stabilise your walk, then

4. Foot drop

There are many reasons for foot drop including multiple sclerosis, neurological disorders, muscle problems.

5. Leaning

If you notice that it’s difficult for a person to keep balance and they lean a bit when they walk, it could be a head injury.

6. Snail’s speed

A sluggish walk can be a sign of depression or feeling unwell.

7. Springing

One possible reason for a springing walk is stiff calf muscles. This is often due to lack of stretching or for women wearing high heels.

8. Straight legs when going down the stairs

When you walk down the stairs your knees should slightly bend your knees.

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