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Vimbai Mutinhiri’s 10 Most Memorable Moments

Vimbai Mutinhiri is such a loveable personality. She always makes sure that she shares inspirational content with fans. After sharing her Veelosophy, she decided to let people know more about her. She shares fun facts about herself in a video. She also promotes Moments Nigeria. Find out Vimbai Mutinhiri’s 10 Most Memorable Moments.

1. She praised and worshipped, thanking God for her first pay check.

2. Vimbai falls in love a lot but the first time that she fell in love it was like in the movies.

3. Vimbai’s most painful moment was when she lost her sister.

4. She experiences a number of epiphanies a day; she calls them light bulb moments.

5. The best news Vimbai ever received was her big paycheck.

6. Vimbai had to stand up for herself when a white boy passed on a rude comment.

7. Vimbai’s greatest battle was losing the E News presenting gig.

8. Vimbai never had the ‘talk’ with her parents.

9. She has refused to bunjee jump three times because she was scared.

10. Her biggest disappointment was failing to be called for modelling castings.

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