10 Fruits that You Should Add to Your Diet

Forget the antibiotics or special diets and get into nature’s own pharmacy. Fruits have been known to be a good source of vitamins. Apart from being delicious, fruits are filling and offer healthier substitutes to a lot of junk food. If you are looking to prevent or cure ailments, below are 10 Fruits that You Should Add to Your Diet.

1. Strawberries

Fight cancer and ageing

2. Grapes

Relaxes blood vessels

3. Oranges

Protects skin and vision

4. Kiwis

Increase bone mass

5. Bananas

Boost energy

6. Watermelons

Control heart rate

7. Cherries

Calm nervous system

8. Mangoes

Prevent cancers

9. Pineapples

Fight arthritis

10. Apple

Help resist infection

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