5 Practices That Can Foster a Positive Work Culture

5 Practices That Can Foster a Positive Work Culture

In modern times, work culture is slowly evolving. There was a time when the workplace had to exude a certain type of ‘professionalism’. There was no relationship between management and employees. To meet targets or get a promotion, one had to work extra hours to achieve that. However psychologists have proved that workaholism is more harmful than helpful. In addition for companies to achieve the most out of workers there is need for emotional intelligence. The work environment has to be conducive for productivity. Below are 5 Practices That Can Foster a Positive Work Culture

1. Allow humanity in the workplace that includes accepting failure, or making mistakes and encouraging a learning experience from that.

2. Encourage your team to have a healthy balance between work and life by not encouraging workaholism.

3. Always applaud good work and praise team members for meeting targets or even winning awards.

4. Make sure that you prioritize work deadlines as well as the well being of your team.

5. Create enough work space and time for people to be productive.

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