5 Steps To Deal With Employee Theft

5 Steps To Deal With Employee Theft

Employee theft is a huge problem in the workplace no matter what level. While most companies and managers want to believe in the best of their staff, not everybody is perfect. There is prospect of a thieving employee or two. Whether you are a colleague or in the position of management you will be affected. Theft can be pety or reach high levels such as fraud. Research has shown that one in eight employees will steal from a company. Theft bin the workplace can cost a company loads of money as well as causing tension amonsgt staff.

  1. Document everything that the suspected employee has been doing including physical evidence, witness testimony, security footage, financial documents.
  2. Evaluate the situation at hand looking at the intention of the theft and how to deal with the employee who is stealing.
  3. Acquire a police report for additional documentation, however if there are ways of dealing with the employee such as termination of employment then take that route.
  4. Supervise the suspicious employee closely while they leave after termination.
  5. Prevent the next incidence by ensuring security measures such as restricted access areas, security cameras and an alarm system.

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