SAG-SEED Starter Workshop in Cape Town 2018

SEED in cooperation with SWITCH-Africa Green is hosting a SAG-SEED Starter workshop in Cape Town for future Entrepreneurs with business ideas in Eco-inclusive field. If you or anyone in your network of contacts is interested in coming up with their own eco-inclusive business and need expert support in developing the business model around the idea then do apply today for the upcoming SAG-SEED SEA Starter.

Future eco-entrepreneurs begin by forming teams of 2-5 and coming up with business ideas to tackle one selected main challenge in South Africa. Under expert guidance, the teams will come together in a workshop to develop and refine their ideas. Next, the teams get to test the ideas with potential customers and partners. After that, the teams get together again to present and refine their findings. At the end of the SAG-SEED Starter, the teams will have developed a solid concept and be ready to engage partners and investors in the real world.


Selected participants will receive training free of charge but participants have to cover their own transport and accommodation cost.

The SAG-SEED Starter is a programme that supports young teams of entrepreneurs in developing and implementing their innovative ideas.

During the SAG-SEED SEA Starter, the winning teams will develop and refine their business ideas


Individuals who have a basic business idea or a problem they want to solve or are in the very early stages of setting up their enterprise.

DEADLINE: April 12, 2018

To apply and for more information visit here

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