5 Things to Do When You Are Not Paid On Time

Its month end, the bills are waiting for you and you have credit debts to pay. You have a steady job that offers a reliable income. However of late your pay has been coming in late. Or maybe you just started a job with a company and your paycheck doesn’t come in. By law, you are entitled to be paid on time as part of your contract of employment. You are probably discontent with the current status quo at your workplace. If you are looking to get your pay on time, take the 5 steps to dealing with a late salary.

1. Try to resolve this dispute about pay with your employer using any internal complaint or grievances procedures that are available.

2. Find out from your employer the reasons behind the delay and offer a deadline for the salary to be settled.

3. Update your CV and start shopping around for jobs whilst you are waiting for a verdict.

4. State to management that you will be taking the matter to the labour court. A company trying to salvage their reputation will choose to settle.

5. When all fails just quit your job, with a plan of course.

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