6 Acne Map Areas that Indicate Other Health Problems

Acne especially on the face can be very uncomfortable. It’s well known that acne occurs mainly due to hormones. However there are many more other factors. According to face mapping, the location of your acne involves internal issues. Face mapping associates facial skin areas with different internal organs. Below are major causes of acne based on breakouts in different facial zones.

1. Forehead

Pimples on the forehead can be caused by major stress or an inconsistency in sleep. They also indicate digestive problems such as a high-residue diet and liver problems.

2. Jaw and chin

Jaw and chin acne is almost always hormonal acne. Hormonal acne is also typical during a woman’s period.

3. Edges of your face

If you breakout along the hairline and near the ears it could be hormonal imbalance.

4. Cheeks

Blemishes on the cheeks can be caused by a high consumption of sugar. This area is also connected to your lungs. Acne on the cheeks can be a result of certain respiratory problems.

5. In between the eyes

If you break out between the brows it can be due to liver problems.

6. Tips and sides of the nose and upper lip

Acne on the nose indicates that you eat too much spicy, salty, and oily foods. It can also indicate that your heart health and blood pressure need to be checked.

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