1 Million Men Circumcised Since 2009

The Ministry of Health and Child Care says since 2009, 1 144 061 men have undergone voluntary medical circumcision (VMMC). Zimbabwe missed its target to circumcise 1,3 million people by 2015 .

Aids and TB Unit director in the ministry, Dr Owen Mugurungi, said:

From programme inception in 2009 till December 2017, a total of 1 144 061 males have been circumcised in Zimbabwe. In 2017 alone, 301 366 men were circumcised across the 10 provinces in our country. The programme is now nearing attaining its initial target of 1,3 million men. However, when we reach this target sometime this year, we will not stop, but will continue providing this much needed service as we have come up with more targets until 2021 so that we ensure a good number of men are circumcised in Zimbabwe.

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