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ICYMI Check Out the Epic Music Video

For weeks we were wondering why we saw Madam Boss and the Comic Pastor together. The comedians shared some photos from behind the scenes of themselves in what traditional attire. A few weeks ago it was revealed that they were just part of an all star cast in the ‘Epic Video’.

The song is by Dereck Mpofu and is titled ‘Dzoka Kumba’. The music video stars Dereck himself, Baba Harare, Madam Boss, and Mzimba. The video is set in a precolonial, rural village and starts off with an army. According to Mpofu the song is about a man fighting for his woman. His love interest is Madam Boss who has previously played the same role in ‘Ndinokakama’. The music video is hilarious and worth the watch.

Check out the epic music video for ‘Dzoka Kumba’:

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