Zimbabweans Legalized In South Africa

For years it’s been a constant back and forth when it comes to Zimbabweans living in South Africa. On Thursday, the South African Home Affairs announced that over 180‚000 Zimbabwean nationals living have been allowed to stay‚ work‚ study and conduct businesses legally in the country. This comes after applications put forward for official documentation to live in South Africa.

The opening of applications for the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (ZEP) was announced in September 2017 following the expiry of the Zimbabwean Special Permit (ZSP). Thabo Mokgola said of the 180‚000 applications‚ 108‚485 permits were processed and had been collected. He said 39‚089 permits were in the process of being collected or sent to the various collection offices.

1‚932 applicants who had expired passports were urged to contact the Zimbabwean consulate‚ as their application could not be processed. The department said it had met with the Zimbabwean Consulate which had undertaken to expedite the passport applications of those who did apply. The ZEP came into effect in January 2018‚ and it will expire in December 2021.

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