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Winky D Defends Single Kasong Kejecha

Winky D’s manager, Jonathan Banda, has sought to clarify the controversy around his client’s hit song, “Kasong Kejaecha. In an interview with the Standard, he said that the song has nothing to do with politics. He said politicising the song is a figment of listeners’ imaginations.

Banda had this to say

I was actually surprised that there is a political interpretation of the song. I thought it would be taken as a social message because Winky D is apolitical.

If this song is political, then anything else can be given a political meaning. For some unknown musician to then make a political response to it while others contemplate not playing it on the radio is worrisome and uncalled for.

Banda’s remarks come as little-known Admire
Sanyanga Sibanda released a song which looks like an attempt to discredit ‘Kasong Kejecha’. Sanyanga, who is considered to be a ZANU PF apologist, released a song titled ‘Mushana Pajecha’

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