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R Kelly’s Music Off Power FM Zimbabwe’s Playlist

Zimbabwean radio has managed to strike a balance between local and international music. Many Zimbabweans are familiar with American singer, songwriter and producer R Kelly. back in the 90s, R Kelly’s music dominated our local radio stations.

Now in the wake of the documentary ‘Surviving R Kelly’, Power FM has removed R&B singer R Kelly’s music from their playlist. This is part of the trending , ‘Mute R Kelly’ campaign going on in America and online globally.

There have been allegations for decades of sexual abuse against the Pied Piper of R&B, through over 50 interviews by women. Power FM station manager Rumbi Moyo said they had to take a stand as a radio station in light of the sexual abuse allegations. Said Moyo:

In as much as R Kelly has done so much in the music industry we can’t turn a blind eye on the allegations peddled against him through the docu-series. As a radio station we have to take a stand and as such we aren’t considering his music on our playlist. If anyone has watched the docu-series they would start questioning his music. There’s no smoke without fire and up until there comes a time that he is acquitted, his music won’t be considered.

As for other radio stations, they are assessing the story and still have R Kelly’s music on their playlists. According to reports, Star FM General Manager Comfort Mbofana said the radio station along with CapiTalk 100.4 FM and Diamond FM would not jump into conclusions before R Kelly is found guilty.

AB Communications the parent company of ZiFM Stereo and Faya FM through their CEO Susan Makore said they had not discussed R Kelly’s saga and its implications as a team.

Skyz Metro FM station manager Godwin Phiri said as a radio station they were not affected by R Kelly’s music as they promote local music mostly.

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