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Harare’s Sodom and Gomorrah

Often a time parents are of the opinion their children would have gone out with friends, or are busy with their books. Popular celebrity Cindy Munyavi however painted a picture of mischief on the part of the youth who visit isolated places such as Cleveland dam to spend time with secret lovers. 

Young girls are secretive of some of these affairs owing to the fact that they involve older men that are married thus putting their lives at danger given some are not bold enough to refuse having unprotected sex.

While the sugar daddy craze was an issue in the 1990’s and post 2000, the scourge appears to be still very much alive, with some equating the activity to prostitution. Cleveland dam is not the only setting where “underground love affairs are brewed” given some hangout spots such as “Lake Chivero”, “KwaZindoga” and “Mereki” just to name a few provide a platform for promiscuity by the youth.

In tough economic times where parents often struggle to provide for their children that are in colleges, the youth have become vulnerable to male scavengers with an ultimate goal of sleeping with young girls.

Analysts have over the years highlighted the need for thorough counseling in an era where parents spend less time with their children owing to long working hours as well as the existence of social media. The emergence of social media has given parents less time with their children given the fact that the family set up has in a way broken down.

Traditionally the family would sit down in the evening and have various conversations. In the modern day era parents and children however spend most of their time chatting with colleagues or be it friends on social media.

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