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Misred image causes furore

A recent picture of radio and television personality Misred has caused mayhem on the internet. The curvy radio and tv host flaunted her assets in a skimpy 2 piece body suit.

The images attracted a lot of attention from social media users on various platforms such as instagram facebook and twitter. So popular has it become such that people have gone to the extent of photoshopping the future on other images thereby creating various impressions.

In one of the photoshopped pictures Misred is seen posing on top of a donkey while on the other one she is seen posing in front of a soldier. Misred has always been outspoken about her body. In a recent message on her instagram page she expressed how much confidence she had in her curvy and bootylicious body amid concerns that certain clothes are not suit for such a body type.

Misred further reiterated the need for society to accept people with big bodies and encouraged those blessed with such bodies to embrace themselves and not shy away from dressing up in what she termed as a love letter to her body.

Social media was abuzz with excitement with most people praising her for being bold and standing up in what she believed in.

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