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Plaxedes Wenyika’s stunning body transformation

Every woman desires to look good. As the old adage goes, if you look good you feel good.A few months ago urban grooves singer embarked on a weight loss journey. the star posted regular updates of her progress. she was constantly seen training in the gym and her hard work seems to have paid off as the star is looking more beautiful than ever with a slender and well toned body.

Wenyika even went a step further in making dietary changes and opted for healthy food. indeed this was not in vain as evidenced by her new look. Most people have applauded the artist for making a bold decision and setting the pace for fellow women to follow. Wenyika separated from her husband Mike Joka late last year in a contested divorce trial which saw the demise of their 13 year marriage. This did not deter the star from making changes in her life and taking better care of her body. In one post she ecstatically wrote ‘When you have burned calories upon calories , you deserve to treat yourself like royalty’.

the issue of shedding off weight has been a prominent routine for a lot of stars in recent years. Just a few weeks ago, international music icon Jennifer Lopez started a ten day no sugar, no carbs diet and workout program. She even dared fellow stars and friends to take up the challenge which she religiously followed.

Wenyika’s last studio release was in 2017. The curvy star has laid the groundwork for all women in Zim and it is now left for them to emulate the star in taking care of their images. As they say, a journey to the sixtieth mile begins with a single step Wenyika is proof that hard work and confidence truly yields results

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