Preparing for a job interview

Being invited for a job interview is perhaps one of the most nerve wrecking experiences for one who has never been employed. The task of preparing for an interview maybe however less daunting for someone that has been employed before but the following are tips for the young who may be attending an interview for the first time:

  1. Research – The one mistake that is made by many is failing to do some background research before going for an interview. Organization’s are often keen to know how much one may know about their organization and many a time a question surrounding the company at hand may pop up. It is thus prudent for one to adequately research about the organization where the interview will be held.
  2. Confidence – One of the most critical aspects of a job interview is one’s ability to be confident. Confidence asserts that one is sure of themselves and this is a quality most interviewers look for from an interviewee. Confident and clear answers are thus fundamental for an interviewee to be successful.
  3. Punctuality– One of the most irritating traits an interviewee can exhibit is getting to an interview late. Being late is a negative trait which organizations do not tolerate thus one has to get to an interview nice and early as this also allows one to settle down and familiarize with the environment.
  4. Presentation – How one presents themselves at an interview is of utmost importance. Ensuring one is smart and formally dressed depicts personality and may work to one’s favour.
  5. Be clear – One of the biggest mistakes interviewees make is failing to seek for clarity in cases where they may not have understood a question. One has to be flexible to seek for clarity in whatever question they may be asked by an interviewer.

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