Ressurection pastor sparks comic skits

The recent ressurection of a dead Zimbabwean man by a certain pastor Lukau in South Africa has sparked a wave of comic skits across the African continent. The controversial miraculous act has been made into several humourous mockery videos with most people highlighting that it is virtually impossible for one to rise from the dead in this day and age.

The funniest of all the videos is the one by local comedian Boss Kedha who mockingly got ressurected after being drizzled with some beer on his tongue. He appears to be dead and after a few beer drops on his tongue, he suddenly wakes up, wide eyed with his mouth agape.

Another video was done by madam boss who appears to be dead in a bath tub. Clad in a white morning gown, she has her mouth and ears stuffed with cotton and has ice blocks in her mouth. She also instantly receives a new breath of life and wakes up wide eyed. The challenge has had a ripple effect across Africa. Some people from Nigeria also posted a dead man waking up at his funeral surrounded by family. After the purpoted ressurection, his relatives run away in shock.

The movement has also reached Zambia with various videos of people dressed in white coming back to life.

Not to be outdone, South Africans have also made a reincarnate of the miracle by pastor Lukau and made several videos, one of which appears to be in a mortuary.
Pastor Lukau’s actions have come under scrutiny by most people.

The funeral parlour whose car had been hired to ferry the alleged dead man has released an official statement distancing itself from the whole charade and claiming that they do not have in their records the name of the dead man but the pastor simply hired their vehicle and coffin. This has ironically opened a can of worms as to the operation of the pastor.

Food outlets have not lagged behind in the ressurection challenge with Local Portuguese hut claiming that if hunger kills you their chicken will resurrect you. Although the matter has been made into one funny joke, a deeper issue arises as to the credibility of morden day religious leaders.

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