The essence of Robert Mugabe day

The 21st day of February is a day that a lot of youths reflect on their lives and deliberate on their future paths. The day was declared a national youth day in 2017 as a celebration of the legacy of the then national leader Robert Mugabe. It was founded to make the youth appreciate the sacrifice that one man made during the liberation struggle.

Whilst the day may be regarded as having political connotations by some, valuable lessons can be drawn by the youth of today in order to prepare them for their future. The former leader has been hailed as a Pathfinder for young people and they ought to emulate the positive developments that he strived to achieve such as issues of patriotism and cultural preservation. 
In the past, on this day, celebrations would be done all over the country.

Babies born on this day in major government hospitals would receive hampers and the young generation would be out and about celebrating their existence and reflecting on how they could contribute to the country. However there has been criticism in the past regarding the lavish parties thrown by government on this day. Most people questioned whether it was reasonable to throw massive celebrations simply to celebrate for  one day when the economy is in shambles and most people are failing to erk out a living.

Nonetheless, the national youth day has a deeper meaning for today’s youngsters. It is not merely about throwing parties or feasting but it is an occasion for the youth to think beyond their present situations and map the way forward for their future families and careers. People will spend the day differently in accordance to their financial and physically means.

Some might spend it braaing and having fun whilst others might opt to stay at home and have some quality time with their families. The Crux of the matter is that it really is a time to teach the youth about matters of life and prepare them as they are the leaders of tommorow.

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