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Warriors game a big target for match fixers

The betting industry has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry. Millions of people across the globe seek to predict the outcome of football matches with those that are lucky often making a fortune from having correctly predicted the outcome of a game.

In the process of being eager to predict games there has been the emergence of match fixers who interact with players with the aim of manipulating games so as to earn large amounts of money for themselves. The phenomenon though very common in Europe and Asia however sucked in the Warriors a couple of years ago in an episode that came to be known as the Asiagate scandal where Zimbabwean players were paid to throw away matches.  Though found guilty through internal investigations there was no legislation sufficient enough to land anyone in jail.

Given the gloomy history of throwing away matches there is some nervousness surrounding Zimbabwe’s final Afcon qualifying encounter against Congo Brazzaville The stakes will be high given a win or a draw will ensure Zimbabwe qualify for the Africa Cup of  Nations while a defeat would spell doom for Zimbabwe.

Being a country with a history of Asiagate there is an element of nervousness given the vulnerability of players to match fixers that will be knocking on their doors with the view of manipulating a crucial contest in which thousands of fans are eagerly waiting for.

While the Congo Brazzaville encounter will be decisive in deciding the warriors fate, the crucial clash is however a glorious opportunity for match fixers to approach Zimbabwean players and seek to manipulate the game given the huge rewards that would emanate Zimbabwe losing the game.  The Zimbabwe Football Association will thus have to be on the look out for suspicious behavior in the warriors camp.

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