Cellphone lands Harare man in trouble

A certain man is living in agony after allegedly stealing a phone from an unknown !an in town. He avers that the incident took place close to Netone building where he was took the phone from someone he did not know. He is now languishing in pain both physically and emotionally after having an outbreak of rash and blisters on his body
[8/3, 1:26 PM] Wife 1: The man appealed to the nation to assist him in an emotional interview at Star fm radio station and could be seen writhing in pain. He also stated that he could see an invisible man in the studio who wanted to set ants on him. He was also hearing a voice telling him to return the phone. The man alluded to the fact that he had already sold the phone to someone he had met in h street.The brother confirmed that they had gone to seek help from prophets but had been advised that the man could only be healed in the presence of the owner of the stolen cellphone.
[8/3, 1:29 PM] Wife 1: Most people showed sympathy for the man and said he had suffered enough punishment for his misdemeanor. Calls were made for whoever had caused the mysterious ailment to come forward and receive compensation.
[8/3, 1:31 PM] Wife 1: Such actions are not uncommon in Zimbabwe. Some people have been known to use spiritual means to avenge those who steal from them. These include making someone sick, causing body deformities or even killing those who would have stolen something.

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