Gugu Ncube appeals to Ramaphosa

The daughter of Welshman Ncube, Gugu staged a one woman protest at the Union building in South Africa against alleged sexual abuse that she encountered. Gugu alleged that she was a victim of sexual abuse at Unisa by a certain Mhlaba Edward. She reiterated that she was asked by Mhlaba for some sexual favours but refused which led to her dismissal at work.

Gugu could be heard shouting and appealing to the United Nations and the president of South Africa to take heed to her words. She said that the Chancellor at Unisa had thrown her out after she had reported the matter thereby adding insult to the injury. Most women rallied behind Gugu and when she was eventually arrested there was a huge outcry.

As the nation celebrates Women’s month this March, it is of paramount importance that issues of sexual harrasment at work be reflected upon. A lot of women can relate to Gugu’s allegations and have sadly been unable to get any assistance.

Sexual harrasment is a criminal offence and can be done in many forms. It could be a person asking for sex making unwarranted sexual remarks towards someone or rape. It is quite unfortunate that most women fall victim to preying man and are scared of reporting for fear of losing their jobs or worse their marriages. Gugu has been hailed as a brave person for standing up for her rights and exposing such abuses. The world is eagerly awaiting a response from the South African president as the protest was done outside his offices

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