Outrageous things that pastors have made people do

Religion is a matter of personal preferences and when it comes to christianity people go to different churches. Methods of worship and praise differ from one church to another. There are some things that have however come under the spotlight and left people wondering whether they are in conformity to Christian beliefs. Here are some outrageous things that pastors have done or made their congregants do in the name of Christianity.

  1. The underwear challenge
    Controversial pastor Mboro from South Africa blatantly told his church members to remove their underwear, wave it in the air and touch their private parts as he prayed for them. This sparked a lot of debate on whether it was appropriate for such actions to be done at the church and if so for what purpose.
  2. The grass diet
    One Pastor shocked the world when he advised his congregants to eat raw grass. He claimed that the grass would heal ailments and get rid of evil spirits. Pictures of his church members kneeling down on all fours and munching on grass made the headlines.
  3. The sexual escapades
    One famous apostolic sect prophet confessed on the show Tilder live at Chikurubi about how he tricked women into sleeping with him in the name of religion. The pastor said after being approached by women who were failing to conceive he would give them some ointment to put on their private parts on condition, he would sleep with for the medicine to work. The prophet was eventually arrested on rape charges.

Several local pastors have also been nabbed for sexually abusing church members after prophesying that it was the will of God. A classic example is Martin Gumbura who is now serving behind bars after numerous rape allegations were laid against him.

The financial schemers
1.Some prophets have been known to entice their Church members into dipping into their savings for breakthroughs. A lawsuit was filed against Spirit Embassy leader prophet Eubert Angel in which he was being accused of advising a congregant to donate their Bentley to him in order to get blessings and massive financial returns. The alleged returns however did not come through.

2. The ressurected and ressurectors:
Pastor Alph Lukau recently made history by allegedly raising a man from the dead. The pastor could be seen praying for the man in a coffin to which he opened his eyes and was later shown eating his own funeral food. The pastor was criticized for allegedly staging the whole thing.

3. The most shocking revelation would however be that of a local pastor who claimed to have died and gone to heaven. The pastor explained that he spoke to God and encountered biblical heroes such as Abraham before coming back to life.

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