Fans react to ‘Kwandinobva’.

Tamy Moyo’s latest video ‘kwandinobva’ seems to have captured teattention of many people as evidenced by the widespread interest that it has generated.

The song, which is full of praise and admiration for one born and bred in Zimbabwe has already sparked a #kwandinobva challenge on most social media handles. People have been posting videos of themselves making a reincarnate video of the song. In some of the clips, people are seen wearing all sorts of things such as belts around the neck and absurd make up in abid to imitate the original version of artistry on the song which includes beads and bold make up.

Tamy’s song seems to have generated so much interest because of the lyrics which speak to growing up and trying to make it in Zimbabwe. It is a song which therefore appeals to most local people. This is exarcebated by the fact that it has lyrics which highlight how proud the people of Zimbabwe are of their country and their African roots.

Most of the videos have been captioned ‘#In from Zimbabwe usadheerere’, one of the phrases in Tamy’s song. Tamy is considered one of Zimbabwe’s best young artists. She perfomed at the Coke Studio early this year and has been consistently releasing hit song after hit song.

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