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Jah Signal to perform in the United States

Zimdancehall artist Jah Signal is having the time of his life after making a trip to the United States. The popular dancehall artist posts an image on instagram where he is grinning with a colleague, serving as a reflection of the gratification he is gaining from his United States trip.

Jah Signal is set to perform in Washington DC on the 26th of this month giving Zimbabweans living in DC with an opportunity of watching one of the top Zimdancehall artists.
In a post Jah Signal writes “This Sunday the 26th of May, Mix Bar and Grill, Silver Spring, Washington DC, US is the place to be.” This just goes to show the amount of excitement Jah Signal has of performing in the United States where several Zimbabweans are resident.

Jah Signal is among the popular Zim dancehall artists after rising to fame following the release of the track titled “Shinga Muroora”. Jah Signal has never looked back, performing at several top gigs as well as consistently releasing music. In another post aimed to promote his show slated for the 26th, Jah Signal hands himself with the title Fresh Prince of Stonyeni, in a way emulating Will Smiths popular punchline of Fresh Prince of Belair. Zimdancehall artists continue to venture into unchartered territories and although Jah Signal has in the past toured other countries, visiting the United States is expected to be an experience Jah Signal will remember.

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