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Tamy Moyo releases new video

Tamy Moyo has released a new video called ‘kwandinobva’. The video is another classic masterpiece from the youthful singer.

Tamy Moyo had announced earlier on that she would be dropping a new video. She had even shared a short snippet of the new video. This had come as great news to her fans who were now pregnant with anxiety to witness the new piece of work from their favourite singer.

The video was shot in what appears to be a rural set up. The actors are all dressed in African print attires with traditional beads and necklaces dangling from their bodies.Tamy is wearing bold make up and as she dances along softly to the enticing beat one is taken into an unimginable place filled with serenity and calm.

The video was produced by dj Tamuka. It is surely set to break both local and international records. The lyrics to the song speak to Tamy’s background and how proud she is to be an African.

In an earlier post, Tamy had expressed that the new video would focus on her life as she was growing up. It would be a reflection of the trials and tribulations, the laughter and the tears that she experienced as she was growing up.

Tamy rose to fame with her song ‘ndibereke’. She later in collaborated with Nutty O on another smashing hit called ‘Lay it down’. She was part of the Zimbabweans artists selected to perform at the Coke studio early this year.

Tamy is an inspiration to most youths and her career seems to be budding.

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