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Madam bossat it again.

Popurlar comedian and brand ambassador Madam boss has returned to her antics again. She is known for her hilarious and creative skits but the recent comic masterpiece takes the price. Madam boss made a reincarnate bed of Pokello’s luxurious new bed.

Pokello’s new bed caused commotion on social media a few days ago with most people admiring the state of the art piece of work. Pokello had gushed about her new bed and named it the kingslayer. Madam boss was not to be outdone and quickly made her move. She made her own cardboard paper bed surrounded by bricks and say in the middle.

She then posed, head held high and ahuge pout on her mouth to mimick Pokello. The images have been wreaking havoc on social media with most people acknowledging that indeed Madam boss is a force to reckon with in the comic industry. They marelled at her creativity and the time she invests in making sure that she puts a smile on the faces of her fans.

Others confessed that they could not stop laughing at the images and advised Madam boss to keep up the great work in order to relieve people of their everyday stress.

Madam boss often acts as Dudzai in her comic skits, an uncultured and illiterate maid. She has however taken the comic industry by storm through other projects. Madam boss is also a business woman and a brand ambassador for several companies. She once stated that her husband is her biggest supporter and he is the one who directs her skits and at times writes her scripts.

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