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How to dress up for a formal occasion (Ladies)

Girls it’s not hard to look fabulous. No need to break your bank account to look beautiful for a formal event, this guide will help you look beautiful with just...

Fashion Mistakes Ladies And Guys Do

We love fashion and We love looking good, but there are just some styles that need fashion police. Now ladies and gentlemen one is suggesting that you need an...

How to accessories with jewellery

Don’t you just hate it when people miss the mark when it comes to jewellery; find someone wearing too much jewellery. When it comes to jewellery one needs to be...

How to dress well for every occasion

You are going to a wedding or a party and you thinking what you going to wear. Mentally, you check off the dresses in your closet. Are any of them appropriate? In...

What not to wear to work

The way you look says a volume about you/ character, it’s wise to take yourself seriously, the way you take your work. Think about it, would you take your boss...

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Varaidzo Nyakunika Interview

  Not only is she a sensational musician, Varaidzo is also a law student. Her music was inspired by her grandfather and since then she has never looked back. In the...

Tehn Diamond Interview

People like Jay-Z and Kanye West played a huge role in shaping Tehn Diamond’s love for hip hop and it took people like them to make him understanding that hip hop...

Shanky Interview

  Shanky is  a Zimbabwean singer-songwriter. She started singing at the age of 5 mainly in church and school. She started her professional singing career in 2012....

Mudiwa Hood Interview

Mudiwa Hood, Christian rapper lives to praise and glorify God’s name. He is inspiring and ministering through his music. Preaching gospel is his way of life. In this...