How to deal with interview stress

Whatever you do, be kind to yourself during this process. Remember that change does not happen overnight and practice makes perfect. Take a deep breath and meet that interview head-on!

1. Be prepared. Do the reseach about the company, that will give you an advantage.

2. Look for interview questions. This will prepare you and you might find that the questions you have they asked.

3. Calm you’re nervous by allowing one of your family member/ friend to interview you, or you interview them to use it as a tool to prepare yourself.

4. Make sure you know your CV.

5. When going to the interview looks are important so always try to dress appropriately for the position you’ve applied for.

6. Arrive earlier. When you’re 10 or 20 minutes earlier it gives you time to breath, relax and get yourself together.

7. Examine what went wrong on your past interviews so that you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

8. Don’t stress during the interview. Stop worrying about what you should have said or done, just keep calm and focus.

9. Take your time. When you’re relaxed you can hear the question and you’ll be able to give an answer relating to the question.

10. If you’re too nervous to go to the interview or you don’t feel well call the company to reschedule for the interview, because it’s not going to help you or the interviewee if you have anxiety it’s better when you are yourself.

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