Masimba Keen Mambare Interview

Masimba Keen Mambare is a simple guy who plays football for a Zimbabwean club called Highlanders. Growing up he always wanted to play professional football.

“I thank God for making my dream come true. I am also thankful to Motor Action FC for giving me my breakthrough in the country’s top flight.”

What were some of the challenges you faced trying to break into professional football?

Well it’s always difficult to make a breakthrough, but I believe God made it possible. Not everyone is willing to give you a chance especially when you coming from a family of lesser football heritage. The poor economic situation in our country also made things more difficult.

When did you get your first break?

I started playing for Highlanders in March 2012 after spending half a decade at Motor Action. During my tenure at Motor Action I felt it was time to give myself a greater challenge and also a change of environment so I took a bold decision leaving a club that gave me my first big break. God heard and granted my prayers and Highlanders came knocking at my door and I accepted.

Last month you were called up to Warriors squad is this something you anticipated doing in your career? Playing for the national team?

Being called up for national duty is something that I can’t believe is happening right now. It feels like someone is still going to wake me up from this dream, at the same time I believe as people start to recognize your talent they also give you a chance to do greater things. I believe I am going somewhere with my career

Which teams would you like to play for outside Zimbabwe?

If God blesses me with a move outside Zim I would love to play in France. I love the French type of play.

What do you think needs to be done to improve the football standards in Zimbabwe?

I believe our football needs huge financial injection and good management. We also need better facilities to better our football.

Growing up who were your favourite soccer players in Zimbabwe and abroad?

Growing up I was a huge Peter Ndlovu and Zinedine Zidane fan.

Which prominent Zimbabwean figure would you like to meet one day?

I actually met one of my football icons, Peter Ndlovu, I would love to meet Zidane one day.

As a young African what do you think are the challenges facing African youth today and what do you think are some of the solutions to addressing them?

I think here in Africa it all goes back to the economic muscles of our countries; this affects our future as African youth. I think our hopes lie in our leadership to create enabling environment for youths.

What keeps you going in times of pressure and difficulty?

I depend on my family for advice. I thank God I have supportive friends and family. I depend on God for comfort in times of difficulties

Outside soccer what do you spend most of your time doing?

Being a professional footballer doesn’t allow me much spare time but on my free days I go to the house of the Lord and spent time with my family.

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