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Interview with Sylent Nqo

How old is Sylent Nqo?

I am 20years old



When did you start making music?

Started making music when I was 9. I started off playing the Marimba and drums then went on to guitar the following year.I kept growing as a musician and I have taught myself to play 6 instruments thus far and singing aswell.

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

From my life experiences, as I grow I learn more.

As an artiste how do you give back to the community?

I mentor young musicians who are eager to learn how to play an instrument. I play like 6 instruments and I think it’s important that musicians learn how to play instruments from an early age.

Explain the concept of your music?

Because of my different ways of growing up I was exposed to different cultures South African, European, West African and Zimbabwean culturesn so I have mixed all those experiences into one sound so I mixed that into a rich African blend

Why Nqo music?

Nqo means knock so I want to knock into peoples minds and hearts so that they actually pay attention to guitar music.

What was Sylent up to in 2014?

In February I was in Sweden for a cultural exchange program were we learnt more about the Swidish culture and we taught them the Zimbabwean culture, we also collaborated on projects. I had been a session guitarist for sometime and in February I started having my solo shows with my band which is a four piece outfit comprising of an electric guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. I ended up having the owner of Pariah State as my manager so I got a regular spot on Tuesday’s at 6-9pm. In May I had my first solo gig at Hifa I did the Battle of the guitarists with Andrea Valeri from Italy and Maneli Jamal from Canada, I was the youngest and the only African there.I also won the Battle. After Hifa I did a recording for a single called Hararian Memories with Dj Stemo. I have done gigs with Victor Kunonga, Alexio Kawara, Audius Mutawarira, Mokoomba, Prudence Katomeni, Tehn Diamond and many others

What are your future plans?

My future plans are finishing and releasing my derby album sometime next year which is titled ‘Syland’. After releasing it I plan on touring Italy, Norway and Canada next year.

What collaborations can we expect from your album?

Negotiations are in process but I am trying to have Thandiswa Mazwai from South Africa and Baba Tuku to name a few.

How can your fans reach you?

Facebook: Sylent Nqo Twitter: Sylent Nqo

Firstly go to school, secondly, go to school, thirdly respect your parents, fourthly, work hard and just be patient and persistant in whatever you do and above all respect God.

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