Top 10 Ways To Make Money In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a very complicated economy but one clear thing is that the easiest way to make money in Zimbabwe is to focus on necessities . Below is a list of Top 10 Ways To Make Money In Zimbabwe.



Business people in Harare are making money off fuel without even owning a single fuel tanker. Buy fuel in SA and deliver in bulk



There has been a water shortage in Zimbabwe for over a decade now and selling water has become a come up for some rich people in the country.

Importing cars


Zimbabweans are importing cars at an all time high right now so you can become an import agent easily. If you save your money you can grow and become an import agent.


african jewelery

Since the EU lifted trade sunctions we seem to have much more foreigners in the country and they are interested in our culture.



Rentals in Zimbabwe have shot up over the last few years. People with multiple properties are making it big in the country



The transport system in Zimbabwe is out dated and mul functions which leaves much opportunity for business people. If you can bring a reliable transport system that works efficiently you will rake in big.

Fast Food Restaurants


Lately fast food is being consumed at an all time high. We have seen that a lot of fast food outlets have come up superfast and stay packed.

The Stock Market


The Zim stock market is a place where stocks always shoot up in real dollar terms despite the performance of organisations and companies.

Alternatives to Zesa


Some people are making money from selling firewood and have big markets. If you have capital you can also get into the solar game or invetors.



Mealie meal has become more than just a commodity in the country. It only makes sense since Sadza is one of the products that comes from mealie meal.

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