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Interview With Tricky J

How’s Tricky Doing in 2014?

2014 has been great I mean people are recognizing us now and the music is moving to lengths we ain’t even imagine.

How did the name Tricky J come about?

I actually don’t remember how because I actually came up with the name back in primary school. It has something to do with running the game and having tricks.

How long have you been making music??

I started back in 2002 but I started my professional career in 2010.

When you told your people that you wanted to be a musician what was the reaction like?

Initially they didn’t take me seriously but after I did music videos and shows they started taking me seriously. I never thought they would support me this much.

“Sometimes when you like something you have to fight for it because no one is going to see your vision before you”

What do you dislike about fame?

I dislike the negative from people around you. I hate negative energy around me I like positive energy, but when you get fame the haters bring a lot of negative energy.

When you recorded Tambisa did you know it was the one?

I actually didn’t think it was going to be big, we were just playing with beats and we didn’t think it was going to go big to our surprise the track blew up.

What major challenges did you face trying to break into the music industry?

Acceptance was the main challenge. I do Hip Hop and Afro Pop, you know hip hop crosses over to other genres. When we started people were used to the urban groove sound so they weren’t accepting our sound but they are now more accepting.

How do you feel about the state of the music industry as a whole?

Its growing hey, artists are starting to make a living off their music unlike the olden days were you would invest in your music but never get your money back.

If you were given the chance to collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Dead or alive? hahaha Umm it has to be Chris Brown for the hook you know, rap wise it has to be Drake.

Who is your favorite artist on the continent?

It has to be Zamani Ice Prince.

Whats the most memorable performance you have had this far?

It has to be the AKA show in 2013. That was the first time I shared the stage with big artists so that has to be the one show.

Whats your biggest accomplishment this far?

I think it has to be having the biggest song on national radio.

Whats the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you?

I was in a combi on my way home, I am sitiing focused on my phone and I notice this girl was taking a picture of me and next thing she was sending it to someone lol I didn’t even know who this picture was going to but I had to chill because thats what happens when you are a public figure.

Any wise words to the youth of Zimbabwe?

Stay humble and just focus on your dreams.

Where can your fans reach you?

Twitter @iamtrickyj

facebok Tricky j

Tonderai tricky j Mbewe

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