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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tinashe Makura

Get to know Tinashe Makura in these ten cool fun facts.

1. Tinashe loves to eat Sadza nemazondo.

2. The singer enjoys spending time with family.

Tinashe Makkk

3. Tinashe recorded an album when he was 13 years old.

4. Musiq Soul Child is Tinashe’s favourite musician and Cold Play is his favourite band .

5. Mai Chisamba is Tinashe’s celeb crush.

“You can only make others believe in you if you believe in yourself” – Tinashe Makura

6. Paul Matavire and Fortune Muparutsa inspired Tinashe to get into singing.

7. The Zvekupenga star performed for the first in Harare Gardens when he was 13.

tinashe makk

8. In 2006 he had a song on Flash Gordons compilation album called Tisu, Ife, Hithi, We.

9. Tinashe likes women who aren’t scared to take risks and are adventurous.

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