5 Business Forums To Join In Zimbabwe

Not every start-up entrepreneur can afford a business coach that’s why you need to join business forums. Most entrepreneurs use forums to establish their businesses and from long lasting connections.
Business forums help you with networking opportunities, gain ideas for your business, increase knowledge and get mentorship.


Here are five Zimbabwean business forums you should join.

1. Inclusive Business Forum

The Inclusive Business Forum in Zimbabwe helps connect local smallholders to private sectors. It is a collaboration between NSV Netherlands Development Organization in Zimbabwe and the Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe.

2. The Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe (BCSDZ)

BCSDZ was previously known as Environmental Forum of Zimbabwe promotes awareness, knowledge and practical expertise in sustainable development in business. It is aligned with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) of which it is a long standing global network partner with.

3. National Economic Consultative Forum

The National Economic Consultative Forum was created to ensure the attainment of socio-economic goals based on the concept of smart partnership between the public and private sectors. It contributes to socio economic development through consultative and inclusive smart partnership dialogue among stakeholders.

4. The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

The ZITF is a forum that promotes trade and investment and it offers innovative opportunities for business interactions. They work in association with the NECF.

5. ZimBizForum

ZimBizForums provides you with a platform to discuss Zimbabwe business, investment and trade opportunities with other business minded people and also receive and give advice on business issues.

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