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Bumper to bumper: Nissan Lifts The Bonnet On Poor Parking

Nissan research* finds 1 in 3 people surveyed across Europe have experienced car damage in the last five years; with 16% incurred whilst parking. Nearly three times as many Italian suffered a parking accident compared to Brits – who were found to be the best parkers (26% and 10% respectively)

  • Reversing was responsible for 45% of all parking incidents across the continent in the last five years
  • Nissan’s advanced technology assists drivers in spontaneous live car parking experience captured on video


According to new research released today by leading auto-manufacturer Nissan, one in three people in Europe* have experienced a parking incident in the last five years.

The research, conducted by global research agency YouGov, surveyed 9,177 drivers across the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain to identify the causes and effects of parking prangs, found that more than three out of ten drivers (33%) reported damaging their car in the last five years with 16% of those suffering car damage while in the act of parking.

Italy’s drivers were the most accident-prone with one in two admitting to damaging their cars over the same period – 26% of them doing so while attempting a parking manoeuvre. Conversely, British drivers were the most cautious, with just 10% reporting a parking-related incident.


In four out of five of the Nations surveyed, reversing proved the most challenging manoeuvre, with the tricky task accounting for 45% of all parking bumps; in Italy a staggering 51% of bumps were caused while in reverse.

Drivers of Estate cars should also take heed as parking incidents were highest in this popular class (27%).

Spanish drivers narrowly avoided being named the most accident-prone in Europe, coming in a close second behind Italy with one quarter of the country’s car accidents having taken place while parking. Germany and France both proved more proficient parkers with parking bumps accounting for 11% and 10% of accidents respectively.


To assist unsuspecting motorists and demonstrate how vehicle technology can be a welcomed driver aide, Nissan transformed a car park in Rome to demonstrate the benefits of its Around View Monitor (AVM) and Moving Object Detection technology from its award-winning Pulsar compact hatchback.

Designed to assist with parking, the intelligent Nissan Around View Monitor system gives the driver a virtual bird’s-eye view of their vehicle as they manoeuvre into a space – providing a ‘safety net’ for drivers.

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