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Interview With Arthur Evans

Arthur Evans is an all rounder media personality, he recently took part in the SABC3’s presenter search for Top Billing. Although he didn’t win we still believe he’s one to look out for in the near future. Check out our interview with him on his career and life after a reality show.


Q: Who is Arthur, where did you grow up?

A: I was born in Harare but grew up in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.

Q: How did your upbringing influence who you are today?

A: Immensely! I believe that backgrounds define people so much so that I do not subscribe to racial differentiation but a difference in background. From this our opinions are defined. I grew up in a Christian (Methodist) home along with my older sister Lucia. In as much as background is important, what is all the more important is WHAT YOU LEARN FROM IT. I am not a carbon copy of my upbringing but a reflection my interpretation of it.

Q: How old were you when it hit you that you were meant to be in the spotlight? Did you think you could make a career out of it at first?

A: From a young age around 7 years of age I believed that I was special and because I was an introvert I didn’t like attention. I still find it uncomfortable but I see it as an opportunity to get a message out – that everyone has a purpose that the world desperately needs and that YOU CAN achieve it. I did think I could make a career out of gifts but I was not sure which one to pursue. Even though I never studied much I always passed, I was good at sports and even was the vice captain of the Zimbabwe Under20 team that competed in the COSASSA games in Botswana in 2002. Speaking and presenting were at that time not in my mind. My life to this point has been an amazing journey and I firmly believe that because I have been sincere in all that I do and do it to help others in some way, that God has orchestrated my life to this point.

Q: So you’re a financial Director of a big company and a supermodel at the same time, one would think the two cannot mix, how do you do it?

A: Point of correction, although local media stated that I am a model that is incorrect. I USED TO MODEL but that was a long time ago. Apart from work I am a speaker, MC, Voice Over artist, and TV host at times for certain programmes. I can only mix the two by maintaining high standards in delivery. I am my biggest fan and biggest critic so setting high standards for myself will always be a given.

Q: Your work as an MC is impressive and you’re great at what you do, did you take lessons or you kind of grew into it?

A: Thank you so much, i do appreciate the recognition. The beauty of finding your God-given talent is that as long as you don’t get big headed or undermine others then you will do well. I have never taken a single lesson but I have developed my own 5 part lesson to help people that want to improve their public speaking abilities. I guess I have learnt the hard way but I will keep on learning and pushing myself.

Q: You’ve been a judge before although it’s different, were you scared of putting yourself out there to be judged?

It is very scary. No matter how confident you are when a decision is not left up to you then doubt will probably be a frequent visitor to your thoughts.

Q:  Congrats for getting so far in the competition, why Top Billing?

A: Class, refinement, high standards, professionalism, and a presentation style that suites me.

Q: Were you ever scared people would compare you to Simba Mhere a fellow Zimbabwean who did exceptionally well?

A: Not scared – that would have been an honor if I stood a chance to win because Simba was great. I think if you are compared to anyone, ask yourself, “Is that person exemplary for the right reasons?” If they are then its a feather in your cap.

Q: Which Zimbabwean personalities do you look up to or who are your Zimbabwean role models?

A: Tuku (musician) – a symbol of commitment, humility, hope and longevity
Brendon Taylor (national cricket captain) – great skill, commitment in rough times
Pommy Mbanbwa (supersport commentator) – what an incredible speaker. Articulate, well mannered, knowledgeable and grounded.

Q:  If you get the opportunity, how would you use it to change communities back in Zimbabwe and what are some of the social issues affecting the youth that are close to your heart?

A: I would want to create platforms to speak to our youth and expose their minds to the world. Exposure is so important. People are amazed at others when they visit from overseas and it comes down to the fact that those people are different because of exposure. Lets expose the youth to higher levels, bigger ideas and greater achievements. Simple things like not throwing litter on the ground but into a dustbin reinforce values of RESPECT ORDER CLEANLINESS HONOR

Q: You’re married and you have a child, how does your family feel about your career choices and the possibility of moving to South Africa?

A: My wife has been an amazing support and its because of her that I entered the Presenter Search. They are excited and would love to move countries but no matter where I am I see myself traveling the world regularly.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: A household name in Africa with an international presence on TV. Within the 5 years I hope to host a major international event or TV show.

Q: What does Arthur do to unwind, what do you do for fun?

A: Although sweat is generally a result of hard work I love to exercise. I still enjoy sport and recently took up golf but this year I have been putting the hours in at gym.

Q: What’s your favorite place to hang out in Zimbabwe, where would we find you on a typical Sunday afternoon?

A: After church I like to go home with family hopefully watching the world’s greatest team, MANCHESTER UNITED obliterate all before them lol. My weekdays are hectic, 12-14 hour days so home time is down time.

Q: What music is Arthur listening to now?

Always have to have that gospel (ALWAYS) and of note I’m enjoying Sibongile Lugube who I found on Sound Cloud, a bit of Naiga music and a mixed compilation of recent chart toppers.

Q: How can people who were rooting for you keep updated on your new adventures?

A: Since I am out of the competition now you can keep tabs on me by following me on…

Twitter: @ArthurACEEvans #YouACEdit
Facebook : Arthur C. Evans
Instagram: arthuraceevans

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