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Part 2: 10 Zimbabwean YouTube Shows That Should Be On TV

Continuation from Part1

Nafuna TV

So Nafuna is a full TV channel with so many shows on it. From urban 263, Tanganyika, Nafuna music, Nafuna by design and Nafuna campus, which are great shows that should be accessible to everyone. We think they should get one of those licenses and have Nafuna TV on TV.


Napoleon Nyanhi Interviews

Napstar’s radio show in which he interviews musicians telling their journeys to stardom and the songs that defined their careers. We think these interviews which Napstar uploads on his YouTube channel should make it to TV.


H+ Digital series

Although it’s not a Zimbabwean production, we’d appreciate this series on our TV screens simply because our Zimbabwean brother is on it. Yes, please allow, we are that proud of him.

tongai c


Zim Urban link is a music show that brings you all the latest urban music from Zimbabwe. It’s a refreshing music show that should definitely be on our screens.


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