Zambia’s Radio Station, Radio Qfm Blacks Out South African Music From Playing On Their Station In Protest Against Xenophobia Attacks

Most of the xenophobia affected countries are finding ways to send the message to the South Africans and their government that they should stop xenophobia attacks. These attacks are starting to affect even the South Africans themselves because of their behavior.


From trying to boycott South African music shows to boycotting South African businesses in their respective countries, some have protested to stop buying from South African shops in their countries like Shoprite, Pep, Pick’n Pay. You can’t help but notice it is now affecting more people than the intended victims.


The latest to join the protest against xenophobia attacks is Zambia’s Qfm radio station who put out a statement saying they were removing South African music from their playlist with immediate effect. This is a way of asking the South African artists to speak out louder  against Xenophobia because they have bigger audiences.

Maybe all radio stations across Africa should follow suit and stop playing South African music in protest against xenophobia. This is a peaceful, non violent way that will help in the fight against these attacks aimed at foreigners.

Do you think Zimbabwean radio stations should do the same and what other peaceful protests can people do to send the message to South Africa?

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