10 Ways To Make Money From Social Media

Think about the amount of time that you spend online going through all your timelines from Facebook to twitter then Instagram and then do it all over again. Think about how expensive it is to go on YouTube, wouldn’t it be nice to e on the other side?

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Maybe it’s time to innovate yourself and get paid for all those hours that you spend online. Here’s how to socially network yourself all the way to the bank.

1. Endorsed Tweets

If you regularly use Facebook or Twitter, you can earn money by tweeting or posting promotional messages about certain companies. So many people especially celebrities make money from endorsed tweets, you should too.

2. Manage social media

A lot of companies are always looking for someone to manage their online presence. Find companies that are not looking for a full time person or an intern and make a proposal for them.

3. Copy-writing

Show off your writing skills on social media, you never know who might be looking; you might just get hired for a full time job as a writer.

4. Monetize a YouTube channel

Make some money over your YouTube videos, whether you sing or you tell jokes, use the opportunity and get yourself a YouTube channel. The YouTube partner program, as part of an agreement with Google places ads on your video which allows you to earn shared revenue.

5. Social media training

This is different from social media managing, if you get clients who want to be taught how to use social media but want to make money on their own, you can charge them for the initial set up and then charge separately for training.

6. Build up your following

Don’t be ashamed to do a follow for a follow, if you have a business, use your social media platforms to build a following, send them to a sales page on your website and increase your sales because that’s how you get money. Make your followers sign up so that they get updates every time you have good deals.

7. Promote posts

Use your social media platforms to promote posts that are already available, it will cost you a little but will get a huge reward in return.

8. Run An Instagram Shop

Instagram is all about photography, if you sell clothes or shoes, or paintings, it’s a great place to have your target market notice you and your business. Always put you details in your profile bio.

9. Comedy Writing

Tweet your funny way to the bank, 140 characters are more than enough for someone who is funny. You never know who will see your tweets.

10. Innovate

Always make sure your online presence is constant, you never know who is watching and so many people have realized their dreams and started their careers on social media.

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