How To Recover Your Academic Documents In Zimbabwe

It’s overwhelming how someone can get stranded and not be able to find a job that they are qualified for or carry on with their studies because of lost academic documents. If you’ve lost yours here’s how you can obtain them.

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For Ordinary Level/Advanced Level Zimsec

Firstly Zimsec does not issue a duplicate certificate.

You have to apply for Confirmation of results that goes to the prospective employer or institution of study.

You can also apply for a certifying statement o results which is an official document issued by Zimsec which shows the grades obtained by a student in a given exam session.

Certifying statements are accepted by educational institutions and places of employment as a legitimate record of results.

For Cambridge O’ and A’ levels

Like Zimsec Cambridge’s policy is no to replace a lost certificate.

They only replace damaged certificates upon satisfactory proof of identity and the service is only available within the first eighteen months of the date of issue of the original certificate.

After eighteen month, you can apply for a certifying statement which you’ll be charged a fee for.

Replacement Certificates are not issued directly to the student but via the schools which they took the examinations.

Certificates can also be sent directly to any address specified on the application.

College/University Certificates

You have to go to the institute that accredited you and ask for a copy. A fee will be charged.

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