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Schingy Interview

Zim Hip Hop has been on a rise and rise having people like Jah Prayzah ask the masses on Twitter to help him get Tehn Diamond to open for his album launch at the H.I.C.C or having the continental giants like Cassper Nyovest ask Calvin to be on his hit Z’khupane and actually see it through. We got a chance to interview the controversial Mr Team Bhoo himself and find out where he plans on taking Zim Hip Hop and his career.

Schingy Team bhoo

How is Schingy doing in 2015?


Schingy is doing well in 2015. Been out here working on the Team BHOO E.P which is going to drop early next year but thus far we are going to be dropping singles. As well as working hard on the fashion designing side.

Which schools did you attend?

I did my studies by Midlands State University, I was doing a Business Management Degree, attended First Academy College ,Sk1 High School too.

Can you tell us what you speak about in your music? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My music is centered on my everyday lifestyle, I rap about what I have been through and what I do. Not story telling like the other niggas who rap bout Jays and chicks they haven’t hit. My core family is my inspiration thus my teamBHOO guys.

When did you start making music?


Lol music is an inborn thang bruh. Just the passion I had ever since I was a lyte. But professionally it’s my 3rd year now.

Scgingy team bhoo1

Who is in Team Bhoo and what are your plans as a group?

TeamBHOO it’s a big entity not like other groups out here which are not even registered. It’s a record stable , fashion brand as well as a marketing group. The only side I can say is the musical side which is made up of Dj Towers , Youngnash ,MC CUT and myself who does music but we also have dancers  (headed by MC TATTS) , directors (headed by RASQUESITY KAITSE), and producers section where Young Nash is the boss there. Our plan is to take Zimhiphop to an international platform.

When is your next project out and what can we expect?

We dropping new single #zvikuzikanwa on my birthday that is on the 6th June 2015. All I can say this is going cause serious damage to the streets and the industry cause it’s a hit bra.

What do you think of the current state of Zim Hip Hop?

We still okay, only we have to up our game so that we match other cats around the globe, and we been working on that as a crew for a minute now.

What do you think needs to be done to take the genre to the other side of the borders like SA hip hop did?


Standard videos, support from all stake holders and removing bias within our local DJ’s who have subjectivity in their playlists like what is going on at the moment. You get the best ZimHipHop DJ’s not shuffling their selection for like a month. Best club DJ’s don’t even play local hits on their sets.

Team Bhoo2

There’s a lot of tension in the genre right now, why is Zim Hip Hop centered around beef?

That’s hip hop. That’s the culture. (Next question)

Are you still working with Anonzi Xndr and why?

I don’t know , cause as far as I’m concerned I haven’t received any formal letter, been to a hearing for terminating my contract. So as it is I’m on vacation and still working under Team Rehab. Even all the tabloids are circulating.

What caused your beef with Stunner?

That’s not even beef. I don’t have personal issues with the barly. Its just that he is jealous. He been hitting on us for a while now had to address him back.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Going to be big, as from this year cause till next forever .keep watching the space we going to rep the whole continent.

What’s your dream for the Zim youth?

Wish to see every individual holding their own. Especially youths like me who can rise from the ghetto streets to become big in this cold world. I would love to see positivity in every young one outchea.

How are you developing the youth through your artistry?


Been working on a new Teambhoo funding to assist all dis advantage youths with blankets this winter season, by taking every dollar from the sales of our clothing line as well as a hotline pledging platform where we asked fans to send a dollar to contribute in this initiative (+26377930246).

Schingy team bhoo3

Who are your Top 5 Zim Hip Hop artists?

I, Myself, me, Schingy and Mr BHO lol

Who is your Zim celeb crush?

My celeb crush is Trae yung.i mean it lol

What do you do for fun?

Crack jokes w/ my bra Dj Towers, partying or eat lol

Any words of wisdom to the youth of Zimbabwe?

To all youths outchea just want to say , guys stay real, pursue your dreams no matter how many peeps try to hold you down , you can do it .I did it, they did it and so you too can do it.

schingy team bhoo4

How can your fans reach you?

They  can halla at me on:

Facebook: schingy the one with 16k+ followers yeah.

Twitter, Instagram on @schingyZW or Djtowers263.

Hotline number +263779300246

Thank ya #zvikuzikanwa

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