Three Boys Aged 8 & 7 Beat 4 Year Old To Death

Four year old Ashely Nhlanhla Malinga lost his life on Monday after being beaten up by three boys aged eights and seven who accused Ashely of beating one of their sister.


Ashely and the sister were grade zero classmates.

Saul Ncube, Ashely’s grandfather said he was saddened and shocked by the boys behavior since they were friends with his grandson and close neighbors.

“I’m deeply saddened by my grandson’s death. The boys ordered the now deceased to undress and then assaulted him with sticks until he passed out while his cousin helplessly watched”, he said.

The cousin then ran to his grandfather and told him Ashley had been badly beaten by three boys and had fell asleep not knowing he had already died.

Ncube confronted the boys’ mothers about the assult and when they went looking for him later in the afternoon, they found him naked and dead by the road side. ”

We then set out to look for him. “We found him lying naked and dead by the roadside. He was bleeding from the head where he had sustained two deep cuts. The boy showed signs that he had been dead for some hours”, Ncube said of his deceased grandson.
One of the boys’ mother said she couldn’t speak as she was still in shock, whilst the other mother said the boys seem not to appreciate the gravity of the offense they committed.
“It’s shocking how boys at such a tender age are capable of killing another. I believe evil spirits are to blame for this”, said Ebiat Dube the Headman .

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