10 Signs You’re Going To Die Alone

So if you’ve been unlucky in love and wondering if this will be the story of your life, wonder no more. Your habits will help you figure out if you’ll end up lonely and die alone. So if the following signs are pointing at you it’s not too late to change unless if you want to die alone.


Here are our ten signs you’ll probably die alone.

1. If you spend your Friday nights in your pajamas watching chick flicks and real housewives whilst everyone is out having fun, chances are you’ll spend the rest of your life doing the same.

2. If you don’t remember what kissing feels like.

3. Your friends and family have stopped asking you if you’re dating anyone anymore.

4. You jokingly say you’ll die alone but you’re kind of serious.

5. You text all your exes when you’re bored and without a reply at least for 30 minutes.

6. You’re unreasonably picky even when you know the odds and time are not on your side.

7. You believe in “the one”, well good luck finding the one.

8. If you’re a horrible roommate and have a bad reputation with most your roommates good luck finding a roommate for life

9. You keep non-complimentary pets like cats because they can never leave you.

10 You just went through this whole list to check how many signs describe you.

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