5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Video Marketing

Video marketing has become one of the biggest marketing strategies in the recent times. It’s convenient and makes it easier to understand the product or service on both sides you and the potential customer. With YouTube now being the second biggest search engine on the web, it’s time you considered video content marketing for your small business too.


Here are the advantages and why you should include video marketing in your small business.

1. Clarify your product

People are not so keen to read through the whole email, if they do they might not understand and interpret what they read correctly. Explainer videos takes away all the guess work and explains the objective and usefulness of your product or service clearly.

2. Increases conversion rates

80% of people are most likely to buy your product or choose your service after watching an explainer video. Videos will also help you keep in track of how many visitors on your sites could become actual customers and what potential customers are interested in.

3. Higher engagement

Video emails generate a three time higher clicks through rate than static emails. People are more likely to engage, share, comment or like a video than a blog or a post. Simple videos which explains or thanks the viewer will do more than you think. Videos also help you reach more people like mobile users who actually have a longer average attention span than desktop users.

4. Favoribilty

People now favor video technology to anything else and almost all social media plartform allows you to upload a video. If you check on your Snapchat, Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter you’ll find that there’s more engagement, likes,shares and comments on videos than on general posts. Videos are getting all the attention.

5. Increase Web Traffic

If your video ‘goes viral” as they now call it, and gets a large viewing in a short period of time without spending a chunk of money. It will increase the traffic to your website and benefit your business greatly.

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