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Berita Khumalo Interview

At only 24 Berita has done it all, collaborating with African legends Oliver Mtukudzi and Hugh Masekela, winning a MetroFM award and touring across the globe. Hardworking, talented and humble, the Bulawayo born speaks to us about her music journey and what’s next for her career.


Q: How is Berita doing in 2015?

A: It’s been an amazing year thus far. I have had the opportunity to perform in Zambia and Swaziland, and also just came back from the Kwaku Festival in the Netherlands. In June I received an award for songwriter of the year for my Conquering Spirit album. I also recently released a beautiful video for my single ‘Sukundixhesha’ receiving great reviews so far.

Q: How has been your musical journey, is it also growing as you grow?

A: Most definitely, I learn and hear new music everyday. Every time I perform I feel like I learn more about myself as and artist and the audience that listens to my music.

Q: How did your upbringing and living in different countries influence your music and sound?

A: Growing up in Zimbabwe I loved listening to songs on the radio. The initial inspiration to sing really came from the time I spent in New Zealand. I longed to represent my culture and my people in and outside of Africa. When I moved to the Eastern Cape in South Africa, I embraced an environment that shaped my sound thus far. Hence my music is rooted in Afro-soul a genre popularized by musicians mostly from the Eastern Cape.


Q: What made you decide to sing in the Afro Soul genre?

A: It happened naturally. I write soulful music, using my guitar as my backbone for the lyrics and in production that translates to Afrosoul. I respect the genre so much and musicians such as the late Mama Mirriam Makeba and contemporaries Thandiswa Mazwai, Lira that paved the way for this genre to be global.

Q: What has been your proudest moment in your career so far?

A: Winning best Afro-soul album at the 2013 MetroFM awards was amazing, winning a Wawela Award for Songwriter of the year was magical. Collaborating with the world renowned Hugh Masekela and Oliver Mtukudzi on one song has to be one of my wildest dreams come to reality.

Q: Being recognized in Awards ceremonies in SA and Zim, what does that mean to you?

A: From a work point of view recognition goes a long way in the music industry. It assists me and my team to build my brand. From a personal point it motivates me. It makes me want to show all the young African girls that dreams do become a reality.


Q: What do you wish to achieve with your music?

A: I would like to empower and uplift people. I would like to travel and influence people of all races and religions.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration from?

A: I draw inspiration from my life experiences, the friends and family I have. Mostly from reading and sharing conversation with people from different walks of life.

Q: Can we expect an album or songs in Ndebele or Shona in the future?

A: Most definitely.In my first album there is a song called Ngithembele Kuwe which is Ndebele. In my new album ‘Songs of Empowerment’ I have a song called Bulawayo in Ndebele as well. I also have a song called “Mwana waMai” featuring Oliver Mtukudzi and Hugh Masekela whose chorus is in Shona.

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: The video for my first single ‘Sukundixhesha’ was released last month receiving great reviews.
I just released the single “Mwana waMai” with Oliver Mtukudzi and Hugh Masekela. I cannot not wait to share the music video and remix with you all.

Q: Any shows planned for your Zimbabwean fans back home anytime soon?

A: Most definitely. I would love to play a full show in both Harare and Bulawayo. I would like to share my music in Zimbabwe fully. I have performed in both cities a couple of times but have not had the opportunity to do a full set yet.

Q: Who are your top five Zimbabwean musicians of all time?

A: Oliver Mtukudzi, Majaivane, poet Albert Nyathi, Bulawayo band Cool Crooners, my childhood favorites Urban grooves’ Alexio Kawara and Plaxedis.


Q: Who is your dream Zimbabwean collaboration?

A: I would like a woman empowerment collaboration with my girls Ammara Brown, Cynthia Mare and Tariro ne Gitare.

Q: Your style is so unique, I it intentional or it’s just who you are?
It is just who I am, I keep growing and progressing sometimes changing but always true to how I was raised.

Q: Is Berita single?

A: Hehehe….Yes

Q: Who is your Zimbabwean celeb crush?

A: hehehe ….I will keep my mouth zipped on this one

Q: What do you look for in a life partner?

A: A God loving man, unconditional love, respect, honesty, passion and of course a hardworking family man.

Q: What is your advice to the Zimbabwean youth?

A: Work hard. We must be remembered as a hardworking generation not just “born frees”.

Q: Where can your fans reach you?

Facebook: Berita

Twitter: @berita_afrosoul

Instagram: @Berita_afrosoul

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