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“Kana Uine Bhora Ndiwe Unomakwa” Phillip Chiyangwa On #TWZ

Business mogul Phillip Chiyangwa was featured on the new episode of Tonight With Zororo and he had some interesting things to say. The always funny and outspoken businessman had this to say on a few issues.


On being the selfie pioneer, Chiyangwa gives himself the title “King Of Selfies”. He says the selfie videos were family videos that got viral and people started commenting. He says even though he is in his fifties, there are people who still think he’s in his twenties and he doesn’t mind.

“I’m the king of selfies because I kicked it in and now it’s gone bananas”, he said.

On his “beef with Nehanda Radio’s Lance Guma about the awkward interview they had, Chiyangwa said, “what do I gain by pursuing that guy, seriously?”

On the negative press Chiyangwa says, “kana uine bhora ndiwe unomakwa, saka ndini ndine bhora saka ndogara ndakamakwa!”

Asked why he is interested in politics despite being rich, Chiyangwa gave an of former US President George Bush, “George Bush, very rich but was the President of the United States”, he said.

On you, the young people of Zimbabwe who are complaining about not having jobs despite having qualifications, Chiyangwa said young people blame the government simply because they fail to make it in this type of environment. “This is where you make the money”, said the mogul.

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