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Napoleon Nyanhi Meets Superstar Keri Hilson

Napoleon Nyanhi aka Napstar has been living it up in the United States on his YALI trip. Thank goodness for Instagram we feel like we are there with him. The StarFM DJ has been posting selfies of every experience.


Today Napstar posted a selfie he took with the gorgeous Keri Hilson and he let his groupie self come out. “Then @KeriHilson walked into the room & I realized I was a groupie! #DzidzoYakwana”. We totally understand Napoleon, we would react the same too.

Despite what you’ve heard Napstar says Keri Hilson is actually humble, “So Keri Hilson paid us a surprise visit & she looks waaay better in real life. She spoke about her love for God so openly and confidently that she inspired hope that there is still a chance for redemption in hollywood.. Thanks to The Allen Entrepreneurial Institute for planning this surprise.”

We can’t wait to hear it all and see all the photos when Napstar comes back.

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